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EML (CHEM) opens Microbiological Testing Laboratory

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EML (CHEM) Pty Ltd is pleased to announce the opening of our NATA accredited microbiological laboratory (Accreditation Number 2731).  Complementing our existing chemical testing services, and conveniently located at our present laboratory in Surrey Hills, Victoria, we now provide microbiological testing of waters and effluents.


Our NATA accreditation for microbiological testing covers:

  • Waters and Effluents:

Using either Colilert®and Enterolert® Defined Substrate Technology® rapid detection methods based on enzyme hydrolysable substrate (EHS) or membrane filtration:

    • Coliforms (thermotolerant and total),
    • Enterococci (fluorogenic),
    • Escherichia coli

Using pour plate method:

    • Plate count/ Heterotrophic colony count (HCC)
  • Sampling

Additionally, we have Victorian Department of Health approved drinking water analysts covering the parameters Escherichia coli, aluminium and turbidity.

For more information or to discuss your testing requirements, please contact Kelvin Charlson via telephone (+61 3 9836 1999) or email ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

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