EML (CHEM) Pty Ltd
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EML (CHEM) has an unrivalled reputation for the quality and reliability of its results and the value of service it provides to its customers. We understand that customers have deadlines to meet and are happy to accommodate these requests.

The structure of our company is such that we can offer chemical consulting to a wide variety of clients including

  • Industrial Manufacturing Companies
  • Water and Sewage Authorities
  • Environmental Consultants
  • Local Councils
  • Small Businesses
  • Government Agencies and Authorities
  • General Public
EML (CHEM) is focused on developing our staff by training them to the highest level possible, this is achieved by keeping them up to date with external courses and running internal proficiency programs to test and develop their skills. Staff are encouraged to take pride in their work and to perform their tasks proficiently. These are significant factors in producing work which is of high quality.